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Academic Writing & Publishing simplified: Introducing the SciFlow Authoring Platform

SciFlow Authoring Platform for research institutions

Support your students and researchers in writing and publishing

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Engaged researchers and students

We developed SciFlow to solve the typical problems of writing and publishing academic papers. Therefore, the users spend 30 hours per week in the text editor when writing a publication.

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Instant collaboration across all devices

We at SciFlow believe that OpenScience also means to overcome barriers to collaboration and to facilitate cooperation. Therefore SciFlow is a single-point application that can be used by any device with an Internet connection. Sending different versions by mail is a thing of the past.

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We automate routine tasks

SciFlow automates formatting and other tedious tasks. We integrated reference management programs so that users no longer have to switch between programs. They can fully concentrate on writing their work.

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Detailed data analytics

SciFlow helps you to gain anonymous, data-driven insights into the writing process. This helps to identify typical problems and thus optimize the process and improve your research. We store all data completely anonymously on servers in Germany.

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Professional spellcheck

Duden-Mentor checks spelling, grammar and style directly in the document while you are writing German publications. With that, you can focus even more on the content. LanguageTool provides a check for the English texts.

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Simplification of the publication process

SciFlow Publish makes publishing even more comfortable than before. You get all the tools you need to publish comfortably by yourself. SciFlow Publish is currently under development.

SciFlow Authoring Platform - explained simply in 4 minutes

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In five to ten years for the open scholarly commons will need to consume over half of library expenditures

David W. Lewis

Dean Emeritus, Purdue University Library Indianapolis

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Sciflow is a pragmatic way to improve our colalboration within research projects

Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch

Chair Business Administration Freie Universit├Ąt, Berlin

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Libraries are the central authority for the provision of information. As the scientific ecosystem changes, libraries must also evolve and provide open and digital services for the daily work of researchers and students.

For more insight, you can read here how MLU Halle has significantly improved collaborative writing with SciFlow.

How can your library strengthen collaborative working with SciFlow?

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