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‘SciFlow is a pragmatic way to improve our collaboration within research projects.’

Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch

Why are we developing SciFlow?

Challenges in publishing

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Complicated collaboration

Articles are often exchanged via Word files and e-mails, which can lead to version conflicts.

Google Docs is used more and more, although templates for journals are missing, and data protection regulations are insufficient.

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The high effort for formatting

Formatting the article according to journal specifications, takes a lot of time. If the article is submitted to another journal, it must be formatted again.

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Limited dissemination

Texts are available in a format that is difficult to process for further institutional and personal dissemination, such as secondary publication and publication via online channels.

Information that influences the decision in which journal to publish is often not available when selecting a journal.

The easiest way to write scientific texts

SciFlow’s Authoring Platform

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Text editor for researchers

SciFlow's text editor was developed in collaboration with researchers to simplify scientific writing.

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Central place for all authors

Co-authors can work on the same version of the article in parallel and leave comments. Document history, roles, and status display facilitate collaboration.

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Integration of tools

SciFlow integrates all common tools for reference management, such as Citavi, Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero.

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Correct Formatting

SciFlow provides templates for journals so that the article can be exported in the correct format with a single click. XML formats are supported.

Comparison of SciFlow versions

SciFlow is available to all researchers and students for free. We offer additional services to research institutions, help with the introduction on campus and support Open Access initiatives.

FeatureFree VersionCampus Agreement
Writing with the text editorIcon checkIcon check
Unlimited number of documentsIcon checkIcon check
Real-time collaboration with authorsIcon checkIcon check
Using existing standard and journal templatesIcon checkIcon check
Import references from external toolsIcon checkIcon check
Provision of new journal templatesIcon check
Provision of templates of the research institutionIcon check
Portal of the research institution on sciflow.netIcon check
On-site workshops on SciFlowIcon check
Premium Support via AppIcon check

SciFlow on campus


Journal Template Starters

SciFlow supports the introduction at the research facility. As a starting point, we provide the most used journal templates of the research institution. The introduction is accompanied by workshops and self-study materials.

Simple user management

Members of the institution register with their institution e-mail to be able to use all additional services. We provide anonymous usage statistics.

Research institutions with a SciFlow Campus License

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