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Granted, we can not safe you from making any mistake at all. But: we do our best to give you a headstart and finish your thesis or homework much more efficient. This is what you can expect:

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No more thinking “where did I read that?“

Save all your references and important quotes and always have them at hand in SciFlow while writing.

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Formatting? Never heard of her

Just drag-and-drop your references into your text, select your citation style and watch the magical formatting take place.

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Keep your money for your rent

You can always use SciFlow for free - no strings attached.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Team effort? No problem - just invite your friends and work together.

Dress Write to impress - Professors love a good formatting

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The work appeals through an above-average layout, resulting in outstanding readability.

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To be able to format your document for you, we need to know what you want to write. You can always change templates and citation styles later on or create entirely new documents.

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